Friday, June 17, 2011

Jamie's Anne'cdote

Alright if Jamie is going to be chiming in with these, I think I need something for him too. Anne'cdote is perfect for Anne but what should I use for Jamie? Any suggestions?

Today John took Anne on a Daddy/Daughter camping trip. We prepped Jamie that she'd be gone when he woke from his nap and she'd be gone tonight and she wouldn't get back til lunch time tomorrow. You see, Jamie is Anne's shadow. So today he woke up from his nap and I said:
"Jamie, where's Annie?"
Jamie: "Camping. I go camping" And out of the room he ran. I called him back and said:
"No Buddy, you'll get to go camping later. Daddy will put a tent in the backyard and you can camp with Daddy and Anne in the backyard later."
Jamie: "Oh no! A bear come!"

Haha! Love it!

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Nicole said...

I've really tried thinking of a name for Jamie's anne'cdotes but I'm at a loss. Sorry. :(