Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Big kids

I FINALLY got the kids in for their annual well child visits. I know, I know, almost 2 months late for Jamie, but I had to wait for Anne's kindergarten forms to get posted so I could have the doctor fill them out. Both kids are just amazingly healthy. Anne is 42 inches tall and only 35 lbs. She's grown a bit faster for height, about 40-45% or so and for weight she's still at about 12%, which is where she's been most of her life. Jamie is our big boy; he's 35 inches tall and 30 lbs (almost 3 years younger but only 5 lbs lighter than his sister!). That puts him at about 80-85% for both height and weight. Quite a difference-and remember, they both have the same parents, they both grew in my uterus, and they both get fed almost identical meals. Jamie just packs it on apparently! I didn't think he was that much bigger than most kids his age, but apparently he is! Good job Kiddo and Bud! Keep on growing!


Anonymous said...

what about the other "big kid"? (who i now think is a girl)....post a pregnancy picture soon, yes?
kate villiard bach

Atwood-Family of 4 said...

Thanks for the reminder! I'll have to post an update very soon! I have a midwife appt. this week so it will be the perfect time to post how it's all going.