Thursday, April 28, 2011

26 Weeks

I was 26 weeks yesterday. Wow, how did that happen? I have 14 weeks til the due date but only 11 weeks until I'm full term. 11 weeks. Do you know how quickly that is going to go? It blows my mind that I can go from where I am right now-still fairly comfortably physically to having every day, every action be a struggle because I'm so darn big in such a short time. Every time I'm pregnant I am more and more amazed at the process of it all. Think about it-there's a little human in there right now! It's a boy or a girl and a few months from now we'll know it, and love it, and hold it and it will have a name. In just a few months this pregnancy and not knowing who this baby is will all be a memory. How is it possible that there is something so real and tangible growing inside me and yet it is still so intangible in so many ways? Simply mind blowing. To me at least.
I am feeling really well. Yes I have my days-moving around can be tough, particularly getting up from the couch-but for the most part, physically I feel great. I am still running-about 2 miles 2x a week. I am going. so. slow. I never knew that running so short and so slowly could be so tiring. After a run I am laid up on the couch for several hours recuperating. I honestly feel like I've run 20 miles after a 2 mile run. Maybe this means that I'll be even fitter after the can hope. This baby is, of course, different and yet the same, as the other two. Anne never moved inside me. Seriously never. There were days she'd move exactly one time every 12 hours. Jamie never stopped moving but he never kicked. He squirmed. I can say with complete certainty the if he ever did do a true kick, I can count every time on one hand. This baby though, it moves all the time and it kicks a lot. It doesn't squirm too much. Maybe half a dozen times or less so far it's done the belly dancing thing. Mostly it just kicks. I feel really fortunately it does kick though because I'm the mama who worries if I realize I haven't felt it kick and then it doesn't for more than a few minutes. I get so nervous and scared something happened. But with this baby all I have to do is lay or sit quietly and he/she will start to kick in 5 minutes or less. Guaranteed. Every time.
I feel like this baby is bigger than Anne without question yet my prediction is that it is smaller than Jamie. We'll see if I'm right. I think this baby is a girl. I'm not sure why-maybe because that's what I'm hoping for-but I do think it's a girl. We have our girl name picked out and I can totally picture this baby having that name and joining our family. When I think of it coming out and being a boy I am shocked. It just doesn't seem to fit. But again, we'll see if I'm right. I will be the first to say I don't have a knack for calling these things and I also am the girl who believes "It ain't over til it's over". We knew with about 95% certainty (based on a feeling) that Jamie was a boy and yet I still thought that maybe he'd be a girl. I can't call this stuff for the life of me.
I had my midwife appointment yesterday. Everything went wonderfully. I seriously could not be any healthier. The baby is doing great. I am measuring perfectly. My weight is perfect. How lucky to have a worry free pregnancy! While she was getting the baby's heart rate, it wouldn't stop kicking long enough to get an accurate one! She'd hear about 3 seconds of a steady heartbeat and then the baby would kick or move and it's heart rate would speed up (which is a good thing) and by the time it settled down to a baseline again, the baby would move again. So although she couldn't get the heart rate, she did say I had a successful non-stress test without even knowing it or trying it (I guess one of the things they look for is 2 heart rate accelerations in 10-20 minutes. My baby did this in 60 seconds.)
So we are just hanging in there, doing life, as time passes us by. I am so excited to meet this little one. I am so excited to know how the chapter ends-how the end of the pregnancy goes, to know how my birth story will go and mostly to know if this baby is a boy or girl and to hold this little one in my arms and look into his or her eyes. I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

soooo sweet :). thanks for letting us know whats going on with the sweet lil one in your belly. i said boy before but im really thinking girl now!

Erica said...

Beautiful picture! I am so happy for you to be having such a great pregnancy and I can't wait to see your newest little love soon!