Friday, February 18, 2011

Riding her bike!

Anne is not the most athletic of kids. She holds her own but no one would ever say she's a prodigy in physicality or sports. It took her 2 years of practicing on her tricycle to finally be able to ride it at age 4. The past year we've been working on riding her 2 wheeler bike with training wheels. Every single time we've gone out to play since last spring (10 months ago), I have made her ride her bike. At first it was to the neighbor's driveway and back and as she got older, I made her ride it around our culdesac, which has 6 houses on it. She's always ridden it with great fear, pedaling incredibly slow and cautiously. But something happened a few days ago. After not riding all winter, she got on her bike and rode it like no one's business to the neighbor's drive and back. She rode it quickly and confidently and she enjoyed it. I have no idea what changed other than growing up or maybe seeing that all her friends can ride a bike. Today we decided to ride to our lake (about 2 blocks away) and back. Once we got there we decided to go the long way home. She faltered a bit on the way home-her legs were tired-but she stayed strong the whole way. When we got home, I looked it up and she rode over half a mile! Wow! Great job, Anne! I am SO proud of you!!

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