Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Preschool...or...revisiting "Then and Now"

Today was Anne's first day of 4 year old preschool. If I let myself, I can picture next year her going to kindergarten-everyday-then the year after first grade-all day, everyday-and then Jr. High, then High School and before you know it, she's moved out of the house and only comes home for home-baked chocolate chip cookies and to wash her laundry! Argh! Okay, focus. Reality check, she's just in 4 year old preschool...her last year of preschool. Today was a "half day" (translation since she's already in half day preschool-half an hour). She got to play a little, meet her classmates and teachers, and the parents got the necessary info about dropping off, picking up, sicknesses, etc. Tomorrow is her first full day and then begins the loooong school year of 3 days a week of school, meaning hardly anytime for me...I mean Anne...to have play dates. Yikes!

Just to bring a little blast from the past of those who have followed the blog for a few years-here are 2 "Then and Now" pictures.
Anne on her first day of 3 year old preschool.

Anne, today, on her first day of 4 year old preschool.

What Jamie did last year during the parent/sibling/student visit on the first day. (6 months old)

What Jamie did this year during the parent/sibling/student visit (18 months old).

Wow, I love seeing my kids grow and change right before my very eyes. Here's to a great school year Anne!

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