Sunday, July 25, 2010

My son-the mute

Jamie is not verbally advanced. He might technically be behind, but I am not worried. He didn't make a sound until he was 8 months old. He made some baby newborn noises when he first came into the world but quickly those fell by the wayside. They say when a baby is advanced in one area (I'd say rolling over consistently at 6 weeks and crawling, sitting and pulling to a stand by 7 months constitutes advanced in gross motor skills!) often another area falls behind. So was it with Jamie and his verbal skills. So my son was practically mute (no babbling, no coos, nothing besides typical crying) until he was 8 months old when out of the blue he started to babble like a normal baby-like he had been doing it his whole life. Now, he is at a similar point. Most 18 month olds can say about 8 words. Jamie can say maybe 3 or 4. He's started adding a few recently though. He can say water, cracker, pizza, go, hi and of course mama and dada. He doesn't use them towards us unless prompted (Me: "What do you want Jamie?" Jamie points to head in his sign for "water". Me: "You want water?" Jamie: "Waaa!")

However, today we hit a milestone! He can say Uh Oh-although again, he has never said it on his own and he usually only gets one part of it (the 'Uh" or the "Oh" not together.) Today Anne was carrying around this toy tool box and she hadn't latched it correctly. So as she picked it up, it opened and in a grand way, all the toys spilled noisily to the floor. Jamie saw it and said "Uh oh!" First time really saying it together, saying it in the right context and saying it unprompted! His speech is starting to pick up; I'm excited to hear what's on my mute boy's mind!

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Shellie said...

Jamie is just more interested in developing his motor skills right now. Besides, they still grunt as grown men sometimes LOL!