Sunday, July 18, 2010


Having Jamie is so different than having Anne-mostly due to the fact that he is a boy! There is no question about the testosterone running through his veins, even in toddlerhood. If he can be moving-he is. If he can be finding danger-he does. If he can be into things-he is. If he can be getting messy and smelly and dirty-he is all over it. Certainly all toddlers are like this but the difference between a boy and girl is night and day, and truly only understood by those mamas who have both a boy and a girl. For example, someone was looking especially cute and stylish this morning and I tried to take his picture. Here's what I got:
And finally with the help of Dada holding him still and making a silly face, he stands for a moment and smiles. Oh boy! Do I love my boy!


Shellie said...

Andrina is a girl and extemely similar to Jamie and not much like Anne at all. Andrina, at 3, almost always gives us a hard time taking pictures, always explores in new places, etc. The differences between your children are about 95% due to being two different people, not becasue of their sex. They have about the same amounts of testerone & estrogen in their systems until adolesence. If Jamie had lots of testerone in his system, you'd be shaving his mustache & beard!

Atwood-Family of FIVE said...

Although he does not have "lots" of testosterone in his system, certainly not enough to make him shave, he does have more than girls his age. Boys just make more than girls-at every single age of life.