Saturday, February 06, 2010


I just got over a tiny stomach bug, Jamie had it too and much to my disappointment, John now has it. I'm assuming he has what I did and will be out of commission for the next 24 hours. I'm on pins and needles, wondering when (or if) Anne is gonna get it too. My first thought when all this happens, unfortunately, is that God is being mean (for lack of a better word right now). My thoughts always go that way when things don't turn out exactly the way I want them too. I guess it just goes to show how deeply sin runs in us humans-that the first time something doesn't go my way-despite God's track record at being so generous, kind, loving, gracious, and merciful to name a few-I would immediately start to blame Him and be angry. Thank God for my Savior, that I don't have to rely on my own goodness...but that is a completely different train of thought.

So as I helplessly watch from the sidelines, 100% unable to do anything to help my husband, as I fight thoughts of anger at my Lord, it hits me how much Grace is being shown to me even now, in this disappointing turn of events:
-John and I and Jamie, got sick now, not in the next few weeks when really it would be a horrible time to be sick-it would really mess up some long held plans.
-John and I (as far as we can tell) are not sick at the same time. Thank God for that-that one of us is healthy to take care of the kids because I have no idea how we could do it if we both had the stomach flu.
-It is (for me at least) a really minor bug. A pretty big amount of queasiness a few trips to the porcelain friend, but for the most part not horrible.
-I got over it fast and can only assume John (and if Anne gets it) will too. Thank goodness it appears to be a 24 hour thing and not a week long thing.

And more things than I can think up right now. God is so good and gracious to me, even though I am completely undeserving of it. Thank You Lord for who You are.

I hope that whatever the next 24 hours hold I can keep that view in sight-that even in the bad times, God is supremely gracious and good. Thank You.


Nicole said...

Hope you're all feeling better!!

Britt said...

Good stuff to hear. :)