Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Car Conversations

Anne: Mommy, I know what I want to be when I grow up!
Me: What?
Anne: A princess!
Me: Well honey, you probably can't be a princess when you grow up.
Anne (sad, and downcast): Why not?
Me: Because the only way to be a princess is to be born a princess and that hasn't happened. (So sad and downcast, close to tears. Mommy realizing the complete error of her ways tries to quickly recover.) But you could marry a prince and then you would be a princess.
Anne: Yeah! That is a great idea! I will marry you mommy!
Me: You can't marry me, Anne!
Anne: Why not?
Me: Because you have to marry a boy (let's just put anything PC aside, okay folks?)
Anne: Okay, then I will marry daddy.
Me (laughing): You can't marry daddy either!
Anne: Why?
Me: Because you can't marry your dad, he's your dad!
Anne: Okay, then I will marry Jamie.
Me (laughing again): You can't marry Jamie, he's in your family and you can't marry anyone in your family.
Anne: Oh.

-End Scene-

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