Sunday, August 30, 2009

Awesome Day II

We had another awesome day today! John and I agreed this has been the best weekend of the summer, by far. This afternoon, after a bit of wavering and dragging our feet, we decided to go to the Will County Fair. We had planned on going for the past month or so, one because we wanted to go to a county fair and two because they were having a rodeo today. But after such a busy and long day yesterday we were a bit skeptical on if we'd want to do it or not. In the end, we decided to go and are so glad we did!

We got to the rodeo in the nick of time. Jamie was tired and fussy and hungry and I scurried off to a corner of the stadium seating to feed him in privacy as best as I could. He ate well and was fairly happy for the first half hour or so of the rodeo. The next hour he alternated between crying and fussing loudly. Lots and lots of bouncing, position changes and sucking on my finger, but nothing seemed to help. It must be the second baby syndrome (or the incredible loudness of the show) because we were able to watch the show and enjoy it. I was a bit nervous that the animals would clearly be in pain-like a bull fight or something-but it was pretty mild. We saw about 2/3rds of the performance, opting to leave for Jamie's sake near the end of it, but what we saw was good-there were bucking horses, cattle wrestling (which the cattle overwhelmingly won) and general showmanship on horses (riding on one leg, etc.) Anne wasn't that interested in it, but we loved it. We will definitely be going back next year.

After the rodeo, surprisingly, we put Jamie in the stroller and he was good for the next hour. Go figure. We were able to walk around, see the baby animals, get some cotton candy and look at all the awards for different things-cakes, breads, garden veggies, quilts, etc. Very cool. We both agree the county fair was better than any carnival we have gone to. Next year we will just do the county fair and nix the other carnivals.

So in the end we are so happy we went. Lots and lots of fun for all.

Our little family at the fair

Poor, poor Jamie....

Just one of the events at the rodeo-this one was a timed event to see which horse and rider could circle the barrels the fastest.

Baby pigs-so cute!

"Milking a cow"

Baby cow!

Oh sweet little cow, how can I eat you?


Do you think Anne liked the cotton candy?

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