Saturday, August 29, 2009

Amazing Day

Today has been a great day. This morning both Jamie and Anne hit really neat milestones-Jamie while on his hands and knees was able to scoot both knees forward and fall forward a few feet. He did this a few times-his first real attempt at crawling It is only a few weeks away-I'm telling you! Then, during the same exact time, Anne figured out-on her own-how to use the computer mouse! I have played computer games with her and had her sit on my lap before, and she has played with the Leap Frog computer games, but never with either have I really let her use the mouse. I just figured it would be too hard for her. Then while I was down on the ground with Jamie, I told her she could try and play a computer game we had been playing together, by herself. And she was able to do it! It was so amazing watching her click and drag things on the computer screen. I was so impressed and proud of her.

This afternoon we went to Starved Rock and had just an amazing time. We were nervous that with both kids it might not turn out so great. Jamie doesn't nap really anywhere except his crib, but with his baby wearing addiction lately, I thought he would be okay in a carrier the entire time (and he was). I was also worried that Anne would complain either of being tired, bored, or not wanting to walk anymore. None of that happened and we had a great time. We actively walked around Starved rock for 2.5 hours-2 hours if you take away our picnic lunch-and unbelievably, Anne walked almost that entire time! I could not believe she was able to keep up! She never once complained. Jamie did amazing too. He had a bit of fussing around lunch time but lunch fixed that, and then again about an hour later. He was able to fall asleep but only slept about 20 minutes. Still, didn't really ever fuss, which was great. Here are some pictures from our great time today.

Anne wore Ducky on her back during the entire time. It was pretty cute.

Mommy and Anne with both our babies on our backs.

Our picnic lunch-Jamie too! After he nursed I gave him some banana that I mushed from our fruit salad-let me tell you-this kid is a boy! He literally was grabbing my hand and pulling it to his mouth as soon as he saw there was food in it. When I tried to stop feeding him, he actually protested and cried. Guess the little bugger is becoming a person, with opinions, thoughts and personality, huh?

Mommy and Anne-we went to the other side of a canyon to wave to Daddy. He took our picture.

While waiting for us, Daddy took this amazing picture of a spider.

Up the stairs....many, many stairs. The only thing that would have made the trip better was no stairs. We had our stroller with us in case Anne pooped out and it was not fun for John to get it up and down the stairs. Thank goodness we brought the jogging stroller and it could handle all the bumps and jostles.
Daddy and Anne. Near the end of our outing-one of the very few times Anne was actually in the stroller.

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