Thursday, July 23, 2009

Monkey Boy

I know I wrote awhile ago about how I was not so into wearing Jamie as I was with Anne. Well, since he has turned 3-4 months old, I have to take that statement back. Babywearing-sling, carriers, wraps-have been my savior! During his "witching hour", which is anytime after 5 pm, he is very very fussy, very needy and just wants mama (or anyone with arms) to be holding him. Nothing really entertains him for long and instead of simple fusses, he does all out cries-sometimes at the top of his lungs. To make matters worse, this is the time when I finish up last minute chores, make dinner or try and do something fun with Anne if we hadn't gotten a chance earlier in the day. Carriers have saved the day more times than I can count. I have made dinner with him, baked cookies with Anne with him looking on, harvested our garden, watered the garden, taken walks, grocery shopped, and even vacuumed once or twice. Being held snugly in the wrap, he is content in a way I would not be able to do otherwise. It has kept him happy, cozy, and quiet and let me have what I want too. And let me tell you, there have been many a time when he has had it-nap and sleep deprived and ultra stimulated-and the only thing that has saved us from long and loud crying has been the wrap. These are the times we are far from home, his crib and his routine and instead of losing it, I'm able to wrap him cozy in the carrier and continue our activity. He is able to sleep-which he cannot do outside of his crib-or calm down and settle himself. Thank you many times over to our favorite carrier, sleepy wrap, for letting us all get what we want and need.

Jamie, wrapped up and sleeping after about 3+ hours awake and over an hour of crying. Nothing calmed him except getting him in the wrap where he promptly, sweetly and gratefully fell asleep.

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