Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Conversation starter

Wearing Jamie in a sling, wrap or soft carrier, I am approached, almost every time we go somewhere in public, by a number of people. I am always asked the same few questions:

"Do you like that carrier? I looks so nice and comfortable. He looks so snug and happy."
"Does it hurt your back?"

I am always caught off guard, though being asked these questions every time, you'd think I'd have come up with an stock answer by now. The reason it catches me off guard is because, truth be told, babywearing does not come naturally to me. I'd much rather stick him in a stroller because, honestly, for me, that is easier than wearing him. I know the benefits of babywearing and that is one of the main reasons I do it. Another reason is because I absolutely love and adore having my kids so close to me and not having to work at it (come on mamas-holding that little one in your arms gets really tiring after a while...). Babywearing, especially on the front, is awkward to me. I can't quite get around him to do what I need to do. Sometimes I can't see over him quite enough. I can't bend down and get things that I want to get with ease. And after about an hour, my back does hurt. So how to I respond to these women who ask me these questions. The intellectual in me wants to tell them that it's great, I love every second it and so does Jamie. But the real person inside wants to say "Yeah, it's nice to be hands free, but to be really hands free he'd have to be in a stroller-or better yet home with daddy." The intellectual always wins out. That's because babywearing is so great for the baby. And it is good for mama too. And I want to encourage that type of parenting whenever I can so I tell them, that yes, I do like it. Jamie is super comfortable and seems to love it. And for the most part, it doesn't hurt my back. I don't gloat and say it's the best thing since sliced bread, but I do give a good review.

The past week or so I've found myself wearing Jamie a bit more. I've been wearing him in the sleepy wrap and it hit me the last time that hey! My back actually doesn't hurt! I'd been wearing him over an hour and not even a twinge of pain. Wow! And he was so super snugly and cuddly and loving being so close to his mama. I ate that up. And so, saying all that, to say that I love my sleepy wrap. It's my new favorite carrier. I'd still rather put Jamie in a stroller, but those times that call for babywearing, I'll be more than happy to put him in the sleepy wrap.

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Shellie said...

For me, baby wearing was eaisest when Andrina was a little newborn and a toddler so she could be in the sling on my hip. I had the hardest time baby wearing with her when she was an older baby but not toddler yet for the hip part. That's my experience with it :)