Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3 month updates

So as stated below, Jamie is 3 months old today. It literally blows my mind and astonishes me that that much time has passed. It has gone by so quickly-so much more quickly than it did with Anne-and I often catch myself realizing how fast time is going by and choking back tears. It is so very bittersweet that everyday my little Buddy Boy gets older and every day, every moment, is one that I will never be able to get back. I found myself wondering if in Heaven we get to hold onto those precious moments that we've had in life for as long as we want and get to cherish them and relive them in perfectness...

Jamie is simply amazing. He is super strong-he can support himself when he stands, he can lift his head past a 45 degree angle while on his tummy and occasionally to a 90 degree angle, he is supporting his head beautifully and most impressive of all, he is rolling over consistently. We recently took away his swaddling blanket because he was rolling over so much that we felt it wasn't safe to keep him in it anymore. Jamie makes the most adorable noises-he is doing only cooing, no consonants yet, but the noises are so cute. He adores Anne and much to my surprise, she is a big help! When he is fussing, she runs over to him and talks to him, shows him toys, or sings him a song and 75% of the time he quiets right down. I catch him staring at her sometimes, a big smile on my face and my heart melts. Anne always talks about when "he gets bigger" and she is so excited for him to be able to do things with her. I wish for her sake he could be bigger right now because by the time he is big enough to do things with her, she won't want him to anymore. Jamie is about 12 lbs 10 oz and about 24.75 inches. He is still gaining on the high end of average, which is a huge relief.

And so that is my little man...the little guy that I wanted to be a girl but whom God decided to make a boy...the boy that I didn't know I wanted and needed so much until he was here...the boy who has made us a family, the boy whom I love so much with all my heart and soul and as Diana said in one of my favorite movies, "I wouldn't exchange baby Jamie for a million girls".

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Erica said...

I know I'm late in commenting, but I've been thinking about this post ever since I read it. I relate so much to the bittersweet nature of this makes me wonder how much a mama's heart can hold before it bursts into a million little pieces. The part I've been thinking most about, though, is what you said about heaven. I never imagined being able to relive and hold onto treasured moments like you describe. I hope it will be so! What a beautiful thought. Thank you!