Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sister and Brother

Jamie had his first bath the other day. (Yeah, I know it took us 11 days to bathe him. Good thing newborns smell so good naturally and don't do much to get dirty.) He actually hated it. He cried the entire time, except when I manually sat him up, he liked that. But it's pretty hard to wash a slippery little guy and hold him in the sitting position on your own, so, most of the bath was unenjoyable to him. Anne, who initially was so excited to "take a bath with Jamie" covered her ears, scooted as far away from him as she could and said "I don't like that noise." (His crying.) I agree kid, but he's a baby. Still, here are 2 shots of Anne and Jamie taking their first, of many, baths together. The top one is a cute pic of Anne the bottom a cute one of J. I'm glad Anne has a brother; I'm torn too. I want him to stay a newborn forever-to cuddle him and his sweetness everyday from here on out-but I'm also so excited to see who he's going to be. What will he look like in a month? How will Anne and he get along once he starts to be a bit more fun? Will his personality remain as docile and easy as it is currently or are we still on a "babymoon"? For now though, I enjoy these sweet newborn moments and just pacify myself with wondering, not wishing.
Ps. Don't you love how Jamie is already starting to look like he could take Anne down in a fight-and he's only 2 weeks old! We are hoping he's a bit passive or Anne will have some trouble on her hands come 2 year old days!

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