Saturday, March 01, 2008

NBC 5 is on my you-know-what list

For a very very long time, I have been a HUGE fan of NBC. I watch probably 95% of my shows on that channel (not counting cable channels). This included the news. Well, last week NBC 5 had 3 separate instances that just made my blood boil. Here they are:

1. NBC 5 had the nerve to say that this winter was the 3rd worst in 10 years. While this may be true, are you kidding me?? All I want is a little validation that this winter SUCKS and that it sucks WAY more than it has in the recent past.

2. The next day I got my validation...or so I thought. They had a text in poll of if this winter was the worst you can remember. Something like 78% of the people said yes. Finally! Validation! This winter does suck. I'm not just imagining it. But then, in the very next second the news caster had the gall to say "I guess those people polling in are very young because this is certainly not the worst winter I can remember." Thwarted again! Grr!

3. This one really got my goad up. There was a story about a little baby who couldn't wait for mama to get to the hospital and made her enterance on the side of the road. They were reporting about how it happened and how everyone was doing. The last interview was with a fireman and here's what he said: (This is a direct quote by the way) "It's been happening for thousands of years. Baby's just come...And doctors get all the credit for delivery but that's not the way it really is. And that was the way it was with this one. The baby just came out, was doing fine all on its own, just the way nature wanted it to be." Oh my gosh! How refreshing! John and I turned to each other with amazement and both said "Wow! How great to hear someone not making such a huge deal about a baby being born naturally, the way nature intended." Then a micro second later, the reported quipped in with, "Kind of made it sound a little easier than it was, I'm sure." Grr!


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