Monday, November 12, 2007

Sneaky little MOB

Ok, for those of you out of the loop, the title is a hilarious reference that only my co-workers will get. I put it up there because it sounds like the saying "Sneaky little SOB", but MOB (at work) means "Mother of baby", which I am and I am also being sneaky lately so it's perfect. (Hold, on let me catch my breath. I crack me up.)

Ok, the reason I'm sneaky is because a looong time ago, probably 8 years or so, I heard about the benefits of juicing. Apparently, juicing is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself, because it concentrates all the vitamins and minerals in a vegetable or fruit (and sometimes releases things you can't get from just eating and chewing-sort of like cooking a veggie will bring out extra vitamins) into a yummy drink. Some juices, like fresh carrot juice are apparently believed to be just about the healthiest thing you can ever put in your mouth. So anyway, after hearing about this from several different people, including a professor at school, I went out and bought the Juiceman Jr. It's a great little juicer that set me back a mere sixty bucks. I've definitely used it in the 8 years I've owned it . A lot at first then a lot less frequently. I mostly juice vegetables, and usually carrots. Here's a little didy: it takes a whole pound of carrots to get 8oz of juice! Ok, so onto the sneaky part. I've started juicing veggies for Anne and adding apple juice to it! Haha! So far she's had juiced celery and juiced carrots. I will juice just one carrot or one stalk and mix that juice with store bought apple. She doesn't have a clue! Best of all, she's getting the vitamins and minerals of vegetables! I go the idea from those new fruit juices that also have veggies in them. I thought "why can't I do this myself and save a bundle?" So, for now, that's what I'm doing instead of buying the store bought veggie/fruit juice. Mind, you I have to do this every single day (You can't really store already juiced stuff in the fridge, it just doesn't work out.), I have to then clean all the parts, and put it all back together the next day. But, it costs a fraction of what the store bought stuff does, and it's healthier, so I'll keep it up. Haha, I'm a sneaky little MOB.

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Farrah said...

You are sneaky! But what a good idea. I may have to add a juicer to my Christmas list now.