Thursday, November 29, 2007


Anne drew her very first, purposeful drawing the other day! Now before you say to yourself "Boy, isn't she behind on that?" I have to let you know, I haven't ever really given her the chance to draw. Every time I've given her a marker or pen to color, she's been busy with something else so I just haven't tried. I was trying to get paperwork done (see the theme here? See the below post.) and had given her crayons and paper in hopes it would keep her busy. It did and here's her beautiful masterpiece that is now on our fridge.

I am definitely a proud mommy!

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Farrah said...

O.K. a few things...
1st~ Please don't be a Rexy-hater! I am a Florida Gator fan at heart so I love Rexy 'cuz of history. But, you can't blame EVERYTHING on him. Some things, yes.
2nd~ Anne's picture is very lovely. She used different colors and stayed on the paper...very impressive!! Picasso quality for sure!
3rd~ I too love how our kids challenge us to think about things we have for so long taken for granted. Simple things suddenly take on whole new meaning when teaching them to a toddler!
4th~ We can't get into this trap of comparing our kids (or ourselves for that matter) to their peers. I think it is totally natural for us to want our kids to be right up with everyone else and to have our kids demonstrate to others the cute things they can do. I am probably one of the worst culprits. It makes you feel like a success at motherhood or something. But really that is bogus. Every kid and every mom is different. You'll drive yourself insane. I think I heard that by age 4or5 most kids are all at the same level on most things no matter when they started the skill. If Anne is 5 and still can't spell her name or count, then maybe you can start to worry. She is adorable and a budding artist!! 'Nuff said.
I think it was Allison that told me she heard someone say we should compliment our kids on things they have control over. I try to remind myself of that a lot. It helps me at least. :)