Friday, November 09, 2007

Maybe I've got my dad's genes, or maybe I just like practical Levi's

I am so excited for next week I can hardly contain myself. Next week marks (drum roll please) the opening of the I-355 extension!! This is awesome news in the Atwood household. John and I both take I-355 to I-55 everytime we go to work. Obviously 55 is crazy congested. It takes us 30 minutes to go 4 miles. It's awful. We hate it. Usually for both of us, the traffic on 55 is the only traffic we encounter that slows us up. But, this Sunday, I-355 is having their grand opening! I cannot wait until next Tuesday when I go into work! Most people who take 55 take it to get south and to go to I-80. With this extension, that means some of those 55 people are going to start taking the extension, meaning less traffic on 55. To add a cherry to my double fudge, 4 scoop banana split, some time in the incredibly near future (do I dare hope for this weekend??), they will be opening 3 lanes from Weber all the way south, past rte 30 on 55. They are SO close to opening them up. You can tell just by driving past. So even more traffic will be eliminated! I seriously cannot even begin to explain how excited I am about this! I hope it is all it seems cracked up to be. If I remember I'll give you an update on Tuesday.


Nicole said...

I might try 55 on Monday, but I'm not getting my hopes too high up...but it'll be INCREDIBLY exciting if it makes the traffic better!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Well, how is your commute going????