Monday, November 05, 2007

I'm starting over too

My friend Niki just posted about "starting over". I am definitely on board. Once again, my weight is up to where I don't want it and my chub lost its cuteness about 25 years ago. My biggest problem is overeating. I frequently eat double dinner portions and double desserts. I'm great during the day but when dinner hits, both John and I lose it. Recently too, I've lost some desire to run so I haven't been doing much of anything in terms of aerobic exercise except taking Anne and the dog on very short, very easy 20 minute walks. So I'm trying to "start over" too. I'm trying to control my portions a bit better, drink more water, make more intelligent choices about food, and most of all exercise. I tried my hand (or foot...) at power walking today. It was very...awkward. It wasn't hard (I did breath heavy and sweat), but it was just very awkward. On Friday I'm going to try and take Anne with me to our clubhouse to workout. They have a little playroom within the workout facility (sort of an adjoining room). It has a door to close and everything. I have every faith that Anne will do completely fine in there for 20-30 minutes while I work out 15 feet away. I am not at all worried that she's going to get into something or hurt herself. (It helps they have a TV in there!). I am a bit worried the front desk is going to crush my hopes of bringing her and say that she's too young to go down with me. We'll see. If I can go there with her with me, that will solve a lot of the workout problems because John gets home often too late for me to go workout. Cross your fingers...I gotta lose 5lbs before the holidays, because Lord knows I'm easily going to gain 5lbs during that time.


Nicole said...

I support you!!!

Heather said...

First say good job about resolving to make good food and beverage choices!

But, I would also like to say that you are no where near "chubby" or anything like it.

Go ahead and meet your own goals and all, but remember---you do notcount as chubby.

Someone had to say it. ;-)

Atwood-Family of FIVE said...

Well heather, you haven't had the pleasure and privilege of seeing me in a bikini. Let's talk afterwards... :)