Monday, April 14, 2014

No Spend-Week 1 Recap

We just finished week one and it went well!  Our goal has always been to simply stop the hemorrhaging of money that is going on the credit card.  While other no-spenders might want or need to stick to the letter of the law of not only no spending but not acquiring new or unnecessary things, we are completely okay with using gift cards to go out or buy things, etc.  We simply want to stop physical money from leaving our bank account into others'.  So this week I used a gift card to help cover the balance of a great sale at Meijer and was able to not go over on our spending.  We have $100 for groceries and other non-forseens.  Like Anne needed sweat pants (can you believe she does not own even *one* pair??) for a running club she started at school.  I was able to use some of that $100 to get her a few pairs. Having $100 instead of $50 feels like I'm swimming in money.  Seriously, I did not stress all week about money because I knew I had a whole $100 to spend!  In the end I had about $5 leftover.  I still have some gift cards so that's even more buffer with the $100.

This week was our date night and we built in $100 to go out.  Babysitter was nearly $50, add dinner and we were nearly there.  It was good to get out though and since last year we've made it a priority to go on a date once a month.  We saw Noah and I LOVED it.  It was not a Biblical movie but it was never intended to be.  If you take it for what it is and don't try and put a Christian spin on it then it's just a great stand alone film.

So for this past week we did great.  I think we'll continue to do well.  Update in a week!

**Oh I just remembered-I did break the no spend to sign Anne up for Girl Scout camp.  I normally try and do a day camp every year for the kids.  It runs about $100 for 5 days, 4 hours a day.  This camp is a day camp 5 days, 8 hrs a day, and one overnight for only $85!!  That's a STEAL.  I had to get it before we missed our chance.  I don't feel bad about it.  It saved us some money and Anne will have SO much fun!

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