Thursday, February 27, 2014

Potty training

A few weeks ago Libby had a rash and I took off her diaper.  I also took down the yucky, dusty potty (wiped it out) and told her to go potty there instead of peeing on the floor.  She's barely even seen the potty let alone sat on one and never gone in one.  I fully expected to be mopping up pee in 5 minutes but, hey the tushy needed air.  Well 5 minutes later she came to me all non-nonchalant and said "I went pee pee on the potty."  And wouldn't you know-she DID!  Wow!

Last night the same thing happened.  She had a rash and ran naked and when she had to go willingly went on the potty!  So I decided today to start training her.  She starts preschool in September and has to be potty trained to go so the goal was always to start right around now.  I thought since we had 2 good, recent experiences we better use them.

So far, half a day in, she's doing near PERFECT!  I have barely had to tell her to try and go potty.  She has gone on her own 100% of the time!  Mind you she has also gotten about 20 M&Ms (because she goes every. five. minutes.) but she's doing it!  The one and only accident came when she threw a tantrum at being naked.  So I put a pair of underwear on her.  She couldn't get them off in time and sat on the potty with them on and still went in the potty.  After that I told her we'd go commando and she was okay with it.

I can't believe I might actually have an easy time training one of my children!  Anne took to peeing pretty quickly but refused to poop for 2.5 months.  And she wasn't wearing diapers or pull ups then.  Yuck.  Jamie had consistent accidents for about 6 months (and we started him at age 3).  He also was wearing underwear which made for quite the frustrating time.  So we'll see how Libby does.  I can't believe how well day one is going so far!

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