Sunday, January 26, 2014

Finishing strong

As you know, we've been doing great.  This week-well this weekend-has been really tough.  Meijer had a really great sale and, while I stayed in budget, I bought things that weren't immediate essentials.  While it saves money in the long run to buy in bulk while on sale I don't want to make an excuse for why I over spent only 6 days before my challenge was over.  Like I said, I still haven't gone over budget but I only have $10 left for the week and I have a feeling I'll be spending every last penny and making sacrifices of things we actually do *need* this week to do it.

Also, I desperately want to buy my kids a little gift.  We're going on vacation soon and I really want to give them something new to play with on the plane.  I have a few gift cards still to amazon so if one more can come through before tomorrow I will go ahead and get them what I want.  It will mean putting $5 on the credit card but I'm going to be okay with that.  After all, I've been wanting to get them these toys since I knew we were going on vacation and I've been really really patient.  So I will spend the $5 and be okay with it.

In other news, we are about 3/4 of the way through with the fast (our Discover bill ends the first week of the month so we're counting from there) so with the numbers in we have currently saved $1500 and we are on track to come in at a grand total of $2000 worth of savings.  Even if you count in the cash grocery money I have made more selling on ebay then I have spent at the grocery store this month so that $2000 savings is accurate.  I can't wait to see that final Discover bill number and know that all our hard work paid off big time!

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