Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Spending fast....can we do it?

I've seen a few posts on Pintrest recently about doing a spending fast and I have to say I'm really interested in trying it out.  These are the two posts that have inspired me the most:  The Spending Diet and Spending Zero.  I mentioned to John that I was interested in trying it but would't even consider it if he wasn't on board.  And I also in no way would ever pressure him to do it.  That was about the extent of the conversation and then a few days later he said he wanted to go for it!  So we've decided that the month of January will be our spending freeze.  It will take a lot of planning, dedication and self discipline but I think the pay off will be huge.  I think we have the possibility of saving about $1000.  But more than that I think it will be interesting to stretch ourselves-both to see what we actually spend our money and how we can still get fulfillment on zero dollars.  I'll try and keep you updated and we prepare for it and hopefully even more so during it.


Nicole said...

Good luck! I would LOVE to do this! We're also going to look into it - would you include groceries?

Atwood-Family of FIVE said...

I will have to do another post and explain it but yes groceries-very limited-would be allowed to buy.