Sunday, September 08, 2013

Giving Baby a Bath

Libby gave her baby doll her first bath recently.  This is sort of an Atwood Kid tradition.  I came up with this the winter before Anne turned 2 when I was DESPERATE for something to do with her.  I was a "new" mom, mom to one kid, stuck at home, and bored out of my skull.  Parenting one kid those early days could be long and lonely.  So I came up with the idea of buying Anne a doll that she could bathe.  Trust me, the 15 bucks the doll cost was worth it to give me half an hour of play time with Anne.  (And did I mention that Anne was the most content kid-she was perfectly happy to sit in a room and do nothing and not til she turned an older 2 did she start to interact with us in play for any length of time.)

Jamie got to bathe his baby when he was that age and now we have completed the circle and Libby gave her baby a bath recently!  Again, I marvel at what time does.  Now I am no where near bored parenting and would give anything to have some of those lazy days back.  What hindsight and a little time will do for you. 

I love this!  Anne is a great big sister and Libby LOOOOOOOVES her older brother and sister.  They are so cute together!

Teaching Libby the ropes
And, of course, this makes me think of when Anne and Jamie gave their babies baths....(you're getting sick of these pictures aren't you?)

Anne was a few months from turning 2

Jamie was just about 2 years old here (seriously!  Look at those cheeks and that sweet face!)

I love that we get to do these traditions with all the kids.

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