Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Disney Movie Night 1-Winnie the Pooh

The count down to Disney 2014 has begun!!  I found a great idea on Pintrest how to count down the days/months til D day.  The dinner and a movie post I found had 9 movies/dinners and we now have nine months til Disney World.  So the goal is one movie and dinner a month to build the excitement of Disney. 

This month we picked a Winnie the Pooh movie:

Really, you could pick any Winnie the Pooh movie you wanted-I think there are 3 that have come out in the past few years and not to mention the dozens that were around in the late 80's.  This is the one we settled on. 

We paired our movie with a themed dinner:

Pooh's Chicken fingers with honey mustard dipping sauce
Rabbits honey glazed carrots
Piglet's small potatoes (Yukon gold potatoes roasted and served one potato per person)
Eeyore's muddy chocolate ice cream

I, of course, did not think to take pictures until after the meal was over.  I will try and be better about that.

We rarely serve "kid food" in our house.  I almost never buy any meal item that is premade/processed so even our mac and cheese and chicken nuggets more times than not can be enjoyed by adults too because they are homemade and then spiced up to my liking.  So it's a real special treat to serve kid food to the kids.  The chicken fingers I bought premade-Tysons from a bag.  Everything else though was homemade.  The kids really enjoyed their dinner and John and I liked it too!  We certainly are not opposed to stuffing our faces full of greasy comfort food!

Anne gets to pick the movie next month-I think she's leaning towards Lady and the Tramp or Mulan.  We shall see!  Hopefully next time I'll have some pictures to go with the post!

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