Sunday, April 14, 2013

Charlotte's Web Movie Night

I found an amazing list of chapter books to read with your 4-7 year olds on Pintrest and for the past few months Anne and Jamie and I have been working out way through them.  I cannot believe 2 things-1. I cannot believe I haven't read most of these books before and 2. I cannot believe how good these books are!  I feel like I am enriching my children's lives so much by read these books to them....and then in during the most touching part-the part where I am openly crying and I can barely choke out the words I look over and Jamie is picking a booger or Anne asks what's for dessert.  Yes these kids keep me humble.

Anyway, I thought what a great idea it would be to go even farther than just reading the books.  To pair them with the movie and if possible a themed dinner.  Charlotte's Web was the first book we did that with.  Again through Pintrest I found this activity.  So while John was away on business this week the kids and I made our own pizzas (yes with crust from scratch) and then when Libby went down we watched the movie.  It was a really fun night and something both kids really enjoyed.  Looking forward to doing it again with other books!

Libby, of course, was our little helper.  As long as she's part of the action she is beyond happy.

My pizza I made for Libby (Baby)

Jamie's Pizza for Anne (it says Sister but he covered it with "webs")

Anne's Pizza for Jamie-"Wild"

Anne's Pizza for me-"Mom"

And note Libby in the background happy as a clam.

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Nicole said...

How cute & fun!! Lol'ed at the "as I'm crying I look over & see Jamie picking a booger & Anne asks what's for dessert."
For some reason, at first glance, I thought that Libby sitting on the counter was Jamie! (?!)