Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Meet and Greet for Preschool...for JAMIE!!

Monday was "Meet and Greet" day at Jamie's new PRESCHOOL.  Yeah.  Preschool.  For Jamie.  And it starts in less than 4 months.  Oh my goodness.  Next fall is going to be hard on me.  My firstborn will be off to ALL DAY school and my middle will be starting preschool.  Thank goodness Libby has the decency to stay small and not run off to school next year too!  I tell you.  I am going to be a big puddle of tears next fall!

Despite my ambivalence and desire for all three of my kiddos to stay home and stay babies forever, Jamie is uber excited about school!  He asked all week long if it was "time to go to preschool?" to meet his teacher.  It was a very short and small deal but so much more for him.  He got to meet his teacher for next year, see his room and meet the other kids that will be in his class (read-stand next to them and play with toys by himself while they ignore each other).  I found out one lady whom I have known via my sister for 5 years now will have her son in the same class as Jamie and while we were there I ran into someone who had swim lessons with us last year!  That was when I was 8 months pregnant, blissfully oblivious to what would happen in a few weeks and about as big as a whale who has swallowed a beach ball.  This mom got to meet Libby and turns out she's pregnant now and is due in a few weeks.  So fun!

I am excited for Jamie next year-I'll have to make every effort to savor this summer while I still have all three kiddos at home for just a little bit longer.

Ready to go!
Posing out front

Heading into school!
Jamie meeting his teacher for next year for the first time-Mrs. Davis (actually the same teacher Anne had her first year of preschool!)

Jumping right in!

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Nicole said...

Oh wow does he look grown up! That first picture-he looks like he could be about 6!