Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation

Anne had her kindergarten graduation on Thursday! As I've said before it's hard to believe and entire year has gone by.  I teared up a little during the ceremony but all in all I held it together well.  The real test will be her first day of first grade-and I have already told John he needs to take the day off as I'll probably spend a good amount of time crying in bed while she's at school.

The ceremony was short and sweet. The teacher read a little poem and then handed out certificates to each class.  Anne's school has 4 kindergarten classes-2 AM and 2 PM and each class has about 18 kids or so.  So it didn't take too longer.  In fact, it went so quick I didn't even get to snap Anne's picture as she got the actual certificate-probably because she was first so I didn't have any prep time.

And now summer begins!  We are going to spend lots of time tackling our Summer Bucket List and just enjoying our time together.  Already we've done two things off the list (once you add up all the multiple things-ie, going to the zoo 3 times, going to the park 6 times, etc. we have about 65 things to do) and read 4 out of 100 books!  We are at a great start!

My graduate!!

Anne and her teacher Mrs. Traina

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