Thursday, May 24, 2012

11 months old!

Happy 11 months old Libby!  It's getting hard to keep track of what's new and what's not new every month.  The big things that come to mind is that you are getting so MOBILE!  Libby's been able to crawl for about 2 months now but she just hasn't.  In addition to any and all entertainment coming her way she is a chill girl.  So there has been no reason at all to pursue the ability to move.  But the past few weeks she has discovered self propulsion is a good thing and she's been moving all over the place.  I call it her "sojourn".  I'll put her in one room, move a room or two away, putter around and 5 minutes later there's a little 27 inch cutie at my feet.  She had just slowly but surely made her way over to me.  Even in the past few days she's improved on this and has gotten quicker.   She's also starting wanting to pull up to a stand.  Mind you, she doesn't do it yet, but she's close.  (Remember, she's only 9 months past her due date-not a true 11 month old).  She will crawl to an object or person, put her hands on it and get up to her knees.  A few times even she's gotten one foot under her but that's the extent of it.  Even so, we've lowered her crib to the lowest setting in case she learns to stand, literally, overnight.  And most of all, as you can see, Libby is a very very happy girl and the most amazing addition to our family.  Even after 11 months we all still adore her!

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