Friday, April 13, 2012

Mr. Tough Guy

Uh Oh! Jamie hurt himself!
Mommy was upstairs getting out of the shower when I heard a crash. I thought "Sigh-Jamie dropped something again". I heard him cry and thought "Sigh-Jamie hurt himself again." Jamie has been quite accident prone lately-falling down nearly every single day the past month, hitting his head on things...I've even watched him walk, pay attention and still hit his head on something. So when I heard the crash and the crying, I figured he had just fallen again. I went down stairs and he came running to me holding his chin. I still thought he was okay. But then I saw the blood. Covering his hands, the side of his face (from wiping it), his shirt. I put a paper towel on his chin and the bleeding slowed quite a bit. I figured he'd be okay. Then I asked him to show me where he hurt himself and I saw the blood trail. Then I looked at his chin and saw that the wound was folding in on itself. Yikes. I am not good under pressure. I practically had a panic attack getting him to Urgent Care. (This of course after deciding that I did not need to call an ambulance, which was a real choice in my head since I was freaking out so much.) The only thing that forced me calm was that I didn't want to get him upset.

As if I didn't know how amazing Jamie was this proved it! He is a trooper! He didn't cry one tear!! The whole ordeal took 2 hours at Urgent Care. The doctor came in and looked at it and said he'd need stitches. They put on a numbing cream and after about half an hour came back and stuck him about 10 times getting the shot of numbing medicine well dispersed. Not one tear, not one second of fighting. Then they stitched him. I had to look away. He got three stitches. What a brave boy!
I cannot believe what an amazing guy he was. Even the nurse commented that he made less fuss than most adults do! We have to return in a week to get the stitches out and hopefully nothing major happens until then! Though I have a good feeling this will not be the last time Jamie goes in for stitches or something even worse! But for now, he's feeling better!
And yes, that's blood on his shirt...

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Nicole said...

What a brave guy. I'm impressed!