Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nine months!

Libby is nine months old!It was a busy month for her! She's sitting (sort of)-she can sit for about 10 seconds at a time before falling over. She's crawling (sort of). She's perfecting the art of it but right now her crawling means kicking her legs hard enough to make herself dive and face plant 6 inches. She does this over and over til she reaches her goal. She's very slow with being mobile-once she wants something it can take a full minute to move 6 feet, but there is no question she is mobile! She's also saying "Dadadada" which is lovely to hear her making strides on her babbling. And (as you know) this month we really started her on baby food and she's doing great! I don't have her exact weight but she gained right around one pound this month-completely within average and a vast improvement over last month. So all in all our little sweet heart is doing awesome!

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