Saturday, February 18, 2012

Poor Libby!

(I've been blogging a lot lately, haven't I??)

Poor Libby-she is totally constipated! I never really thought about bananas and their binding effect as a first food. They are usually one of the foods mentioned as good to give first. Apparently not for Libby though. Without giving too much information, she's been having a hard time since yesterday. And in case anyone is wondering if maybe I'm over reacting or just overly concerned, I wish I was. She is screaming bloody murder, an obvious painful scream that I could discern even before I knew she was constipated, every time she tries to go. So I think our new course of action is to lay off all baby food until this passes-probably no longer than a week, and to try some of the tips I read online. We'll be trying a warm bath with a tummy massage as soon as she wakes up. I hope she's more comfortable soon!!

Once she's feeling better, I think we'll have to try one of the foods that universally seems to be good for babies and going: peaches, prunes, plums or pears!


Brenda loomis said...

I used to mix prune juice in jasmines bottles for constipation

Atwood-Family of FIVE said...

Yeah that was one of the suggestions-I might try mixing prune juice as the liquid when I make her peaches or pears. Just as extra insurance.

Erica said...

Oh no :(. Poor Libby. You know we went through a period of trouble when Clara started solids. I backed off to just pears for quite a while and her system stabalized. It feels like forever going through it though :(

Atwood-Family of FIVE said...

I thought I remembered you going through that Erica. Any tips for us?