Friday, January 13, 2012

Sleeping Beauties

Kids, especially babies, find the funniest ways to sleep....

She took off her own socks because she's beyond obsessed with her toes.

We often come in to get her and find her with her limbs through the bars. How does she so consistently manage this?

Totally stretched out...this is one of many reasons why I couldn't sleep in the same bed with a baby-space hog!!

And not to be out done-the other day during his nap, he must have been playing, decided he was tired and laid down right in the middle of the floor and fell asleep. I opened the door, saw him, and ran to get the camera. His eyes are open a slit because he was waking up by this point.

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Nicole said...

Ahh the sleep of the innocent. Funny pic's! They inspired my blog post for today.