Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Seven Months Old

Libby is 7 months old today! Time is flying so fast with this one. As with all my babies, I wish I could make her stay a baby forever. Especially those times when she is cuddly and lays her head on my chest or when she smiles up at me with the biggest grin. I love those sweet times-those moments that transcend regular time and touch my heart and stay with me forever.
Libby is up to a lot of new things lately!

The biggest thing she's up to is that she is discovering that she wants things and has (some) ability to get them. She has been rolling over from her tummy to her back for quite some time and she even did from her back to her tummy several times. I think she always wondered "What's the point of this?" but lately she realizes if something is out of her reach, she can roll over and get it. She reaches and stretches for things out of her reach too. I think mobility is very close by for this little girl! As you can see, tummy time is perfect for her-she's lifting her head nice and high and even involves her arms to push herself up. She's a strong one, and with her adjusted age, she's developing perfectly on track.

Libby discovered the pacifier this week. None of my kids have ever taken one despite having pictures of all of them with one in their mouths as newborns. I've tried with every baby, with the hopes that if they took one they'd give me a few more minutes of peace and contentment. But no go. But this week Libby discovered she likes pacifiers!....to chew on...because she's getting in 3 or 4 teeth on the bottom! She's a drool fountain recently and she loves to chew on pacifiers. She especially loves these Soothies, because they have extra space to chew on.

Besides rolling and reaching and chewing Libby started making some good noises this month. She can make a raspberry noise, both with and without her tongue. When she first learned this for about a day and a half several times in the middle of eating she'd pull off and make the noise for me. Pretty darned cute, of course. She is squealing too. In fact just this morning I went on a hunt because I was sure the cat was trapped somewhere and in unbearable pain-based on the noise I was hearing. Turns out Libby learned to make a new sound and was perfectly happy doing it!

Libby's sleep is much better. We went through a really rough patch around Christmas time. We unswaddled her and with the changes in schedule (Christmas, Grandparents visiting and the Dells) she wasn't napping more than about 45 minutes a day. Sometimes I'd spend 2 hours trying to get her to nap only to have to finally give up-yes she outlasted me. My (then) 6 month old outlasted me, an adult. Oh well. But once we got home and got into our rythmm again, it's been much better. I can count on 2 naps a day of at least an hour apiece. Sometimes she'll really treat me and give me one that's 2 or 3 hours. I love those days.

We still haven't started food and don't plan to for another few weeks. I figure that since she was premature and since she wasn't on full mouth feeds til nearly her due date, it made sense to wait til she was 6 months past her due date to start. So we'll be embarking on that journey next month more than likely.
And here's just one more picture of my adorable 7 month old baby-quite possibly the sweetest girl on the planet.

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Nicole said...

Love the pictures of her!! She is so darling. How can she already be 7 months?? I know you just wrote the same thing on my blog, but seriously. Where does the time go??