Sunday, November 27, 2011

5 months old!

Happy (belated) 5 months to my baby girl! She is a "whooping" 10lbs 11oz and 24 inches long. She's not on the charts for weight but her height puts her at about the 10th percentile.

She can lift her head 90 degrees, roll over when she wants to, smile, and coo. And she loves her hands. A lot. It's pretty funny when she tries to nurse and suck on her fingers at the same time. If she's awake, her hands are in her mouth about 90% of the time.

New this month she is grabbing her feet-the first time she did it she got the BIGGEST grin on her face because she'd been watching those toes for a week at least and she finally got them!
She is sitting more and more steadily-she tried out the bumbo this week and did awesome in it.
She kicks up a storm when she gets excited. And just in the past few days she is starting to grab toys purposefully. Once she gets a toy in her hand, she puts it in her mouth by reflex.

So much fun to see her grow. Already I don't recognize the baby she was when she came home 3 and a half months ago.

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Nicole said...

Look at her!! It sounds like she's doing so great. Good job mama!