Saturday, July 09, 2011

Mini Mes

Anne and Libby look so much alike as newborns. People don't see it because they have no clue or they don't remember what Anne looked like as a newborn. It took Anne nearly 3 months to grow into her "face" and start to look like the girl she looks like now. Anne and Libby were very similar sizes at birth. Anne was 5.5 lbs and Libby was 5 lbs (though probably closer to 4.5 lbs in reality since she had so much extra fluid in her abdomen she couldn't pass). And although Anne was full term, being so small she looked like a preemie. You judge-are they mini-mes?

Anne about 5 days old

Libby about 9 days old

Anne about 2.5 weeks old

Libby 2 days old

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Nicole said...

I saw it right away!!!