Friday, May 06, 2011

She's 5!!

Last week Anne turned 5. Every single year I marvel at how it's possible that she's another year older and this year is no different. I cannot believe she's 5. A true big kid. Next year starts kindergarten-no more preschool for her. My oh my, what a big girl. We had a lot happen on the big day, and I plan to blog about them but for now, I copied a friend and did an interview with Anne. I'd been wanting to do this for a few years now and finally got around to it this birthday. So here's my big girl's 5 year old interview:

Favorite cereal: Chocolate cheerios
Favorite vegetable: Peas
Favorite drink: Juice
Favorite TV show: Cauiliou
Favorite game: Computer games
Favorite books: Polk Street School series (Note-she also is in love with listening to the Magic Tree House books on audio book)
Favorite Restaurant: Cici's Pizza
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Favorite Animal: A deer (I swear she pulled this one out of a hat-she's never even talked about a deer as long as I've known her-I suppose false answers are part of being 5 and interviewed, huh?)
If you could change your name, what would it be: Tessa Lyneth Faith Gap Atwood (Anne has LOVED the name Tessa for the past 2 years and every single character that ever needs a name gets named Tessa.)
What do you love about Mommy?: That she cooks dinner for us.
What do you love about Daddy?: That he goes to work and gets us money.
What do you love about Jamie?: That he makes a mess.
Where would you like to go for vacation this year?: Disney World
What are your wishes for this year?: To always eat candy.
Anything you are excited about that is coming up?: Daddy's birthday
Anything you can do now that you couldn't do when you were 3 or 4?: (And with prompting) Going to kindergarten
What will it be like to be 5?: Um...I don't know.
What is the greatest thing about Anne?: Um...I don't know. Um...playing? With Mommy.
Anything else you want to say?: No.

I have to say that a lot of the "favorite" answers I thought were purely thought of spur of the moment. For games she looked around the room and named the first game that caught her eye. She did similar things with books, restaurant (because she's only been to Cici's pizza one time!), and TV shows. But again, part of being 5 right? I love you Anne! May you have a blessed year this year!

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