Friday, April 01, 2011

He went potty-no fooling!

I had a tough time potty training Anne. We started just about 2 and a half (with the intent to have her fully trained by the time Jamie arrived 5 months later). I did serious potty training with her-hardly any variations of our routine, big girl underwear, running around naked, etc and still it took her about 2-3 months to FINALLY get it down! Night time training took about another year to master 100%. It was a pretty frustrating time (YOU try potty training a 2 year old while months pregnant!) so I decided with Jamie I wouldn't seriously touch it until he turned 3. We have the luxury of not having to start preschool until he's 3 and a half so it seemed like a good plan. A few months ago I found our potties that had been put away and brought them out. For fun, he sits on them and gets an M&M just for sitting. This is serious, low key, no expectations and honestly, not even an attempt to potty train. Maybe, if we remember, he sits on it 2x a week. I do mention to him if he pees he can have an extra M&M but nothing has ever come of it.

Then today, he comes up the stairs and says "Cobbie!" (Potty...duh). I thought, "Okay, what the heck". Took off his pants and diaper, stuck him and and went in search of the M&Ms. Came back, gave him one and sat with him while he tried to pee to get the extra one. Nothing happened-or so I thought. I noticed there was a drop of liquid on the rim of the potty and thought that strange because there was no reason for liquid to be on it but figured someone dripped water on it in the past few hours. Jamie stood up and to my amazement there was pee in the potty! I was still very skeptical but we wiped and he was wet. Again, still thinking maybe this was all coincidental since I sat with him and didn't hear him pee. But we celebrated-called Daddy-Jamie peed in the potty for the first time today!

A few hours later, Jamie did the same thing. Came running in and asked to go on the potty. We did and this time I paid close attention and the boy peed! He did so without making any noise so I know the first time was him too.

Seriously amazing! Maybe his window is open. I'm still not going to pursue this with too much vigor, but I will certainly put him on more often and whenever he asks for it. Wow!

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Erica said...

Wow, way to go! I think I'll try the M&M for just sitting thing, because Joseph simply refuses to attempt pottying. He will talk all about it, but that's it. I hope Jamie keeps it up for you. What a big boy!!