Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Kindergarten is just around the corner....

(Don't worry, I haven't forgotten to post about Jamie's birthday or his party! I'll get to it soon, promise!)
I met with Anne's preschool teacher today for "parent teacher conferences" (I get how funny this is when the student is a 4 year old in preschool.) I was actually incredibly impressed and surprised at how much learning is going on in her class. I was under the impression there were a few stories, songs and art projects with maybe a letter of the day thrown in here and there. But nope, they are actually doing some good learning! Writing letters, recognizing letters, knowing the sounds they make, colors and shapes, recognizing numbers, counting, putting numbers in numerical order, and! And Anne, of course, is thriving. She is far exceeding the expectation of kindergarten requirements next year. Only 2 and a half months left of preschool, a short summer break (school starts again in mid August, can you believe it?) and then my baby is off to kindergarten! Wow! My daughter is growing by leaps and bounds...what a privileged and a blessing that I get to be her mother and witness it all.

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Nicole said...

Wow, kindergarten. I still remember the day you came into work wearing your pink shirt when you found out that you were having a girl. Time sure flies.