Saturday, January 01, 2011


We had a really surprising sledding experience the week before Christmas. On one of the warmest days that week (I think it actually got above freezing), I got the kids dressed up to go sledding. Snow pants, hats, gloves, coats, everything. Took them out to put them and in the car and realized I didn't have a clue where the sleds were. It turned out they were in the attic, with absolutely no way for me to reach them. So back in the house and undressed the kids went-no sledding to be had that day. A few days later, it occurred to me that maybe I could pile up a bunch of snow and have the tiniest of sledding hills for Anne. It worked out and she had a fun time sliding down it on her sled. We tried with Jamie but the hill wasn't sturdy enough for his bulky baby sled so he did a lot of walking around while Anne slid down.

The interesting part comes in that while Anne was sledding down, I thought to myself how great it would be if John came home early and saw us sledding on the hill and then we actually went sledding for real. This seemed impossible since it was only 4 pm and John had another hour before he was even off work. I forgot that it was the day before Christmas Eve and since everyone had Christmas Eve off (due to Christmas being on a Saturday), John actually was getting off early that day. Not joking, two minutes after I thought how neat it would be for him to come home, he pulled up! He was quite surprised to see us out in the snow since I've never hidden the fact that playing out with the kids in the snow-especially by myself-is not my cup of tea. About 10 seconds after he got out, I said "Let's go sledding!" John and I are no where near fly by the seat of your pants people. Normally to go sledding we'd have to plan for it at least a day in advance. Not to mention at that point, we'd have at best 20 minutes of day light left. Still, it seemed fun and doable so with just a little prodding (and I mean not much at all) John loaded the kids up (who were ideally already dressed and ready to go), I threw the sleds in the trunk and off we went! It was fairly warm when we left to go but even 15 minutes later, with a setting sun, had a big difference in the temperature. By the time we got to the hill it was a good 10 degrees colder (I thought). We only had about 20 minutes left of daylight but still, we took advantage of it. Jamie has a baby sled, where he can be strapped in and it has some sort of piece on the back that makes it anti-tip so he was able to go down by himself. John and I took turns going down with Anne. She did great and was such a trooper. I'm excited to go back when there's more daylight and it isn't quite so fridged.
Daddy and Jamie going down-John holding the ropes to keep some sort of control on Jamie's sled.

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