Monday, October 25, 2010

He's got my heart....

Jamie has been beyond adorable lately. I am amazed to see him growing so quickly-and doing things so much sooner than Anne ever did. Anne didn't start imaginary play until she was probably almost 4 years old but Jamie is already copying doing it now. The other day at the park Anne and I were pretending to climb up and down mountains (the slides) and we pretended to fall down one. We both lay motionless on the ground, in presumed unconsciousness, when I peeked my head up to find not only Anne had fallen down the mountain, but there was Buddy, laying on his back motionless too! So adorable. Today at the park he was picking up rocks and pine cones, throwing them down and as they hit going "Boom!". The rocks and pine cones were, of course, bombs. He got on the swings today on his tummy, arms outstretched, and when he got off he flapped them and tweeted like a bird. Adorable. What a smart guy.

Today after lunch I was annoyed with him (and Anne). Neither had eaten much of their lunch, which of course took me 20 minutes to make, and what they did eat they ate at a snails pace. As I told Jamie to stand up so I could wipe him off, he did but leaned in for a hug. Literally every bit of frustration I had for him melt off me and dripped on to the floor.

And on the ride home from dropping Anne at preschool, he was holding on to her baby doll. I heard him laughing to see that he had taken off the baby doll's diaper, held it up and said "Poo poo!". The baby had gone poo and needed a bit of wiping.

Boy oh boy does this boy of mine have my heart. All of it, every little piece of it, forever.

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Erica said...

Oh, I totally know! What is it about little boys and their mamas? I can't believe I'm ever going to have to let mine go. I melt every time he runs to me squeaking "Dere's my Mommy!" followed by "I need kisses!" There's nothing quite like it, is there?