Sunday, June 06, 2010

My big, big boy

Jamie is a little weed, growing so much the past 3 months. Last week he turned 15 months and since he was 12 months, he has grown (at least) several inches and gained about 3 lbs. He's a beast! Here's my little 15 month old guy and just to compare, there is his 12 month picture as well.
15 months

12 months

I know that the 2 pictures were taken at different positions (the 12 month one is farther away) but compare where Jamie reaches on the both pictures he's sitting just about in the same spot, not slouching, in the 12 month picture the line on the back of the chair is even with his the 15 month picture its now even with his chin! Wow, quite a lot of growth!

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Nicki said...

Yep he has definitely grown! At this age, every week makes a big difference. I like how you take his picture sitting in the same place! I saw a video where a guy took a picture of his own face every day for ten years or something, and then made a quick moving slide show that showed how he changed. That would be a cool idea to do for a kid, wouldn't it? Except maybe not every single day. Every week or month would be more manageable!