Monday, June 21, 2010

Anne'cdotes...from John?

John and I are planners. We discussed kids, courting, how long to be engaged, etc on our second date. Before we got married, we had a list of 8 different kids' names we liked (one of them was actually Anne). Both our children were planned and I got pregnant with them in exactly the month we wanted and planned. So it's no surprise that one week into Jamie's life, high on my babymoon, completely in love with my beautiful, precious little guy, when I decided I wanted another baby, we discussed when would be a good time to add a 3rd to our family. That time draws closer-we still are afraid to commit completely to a date to start trying. It's like jumping from an airplane with a working parachute. I know that it is going to be the most exhilarating, thrilling, rewarding time of my life, something I will never ever regret, but I can't seem to step onto the plane, let alone have the plane take flight, and then force my feet to leave the hardness of the plane floor.

So yesterday, discussing again babies and when to add another one, when to start trying, what our life might be like if we do, I told John timidly:

"I have a feeling that once we have a third baby I'm going to want another one."

To which he answered-John who honestly would probably be just as happy having 2 and being done now, my sweet, giving, selfless amazing husband answered,

"I've already resigned myself to having four."

I love it. I am so grateful to have a husband who is on the same page as me-that we are on the same page together more accurately-to have a husband who is willing to give of himself so that I can have. Thank you Lord, You are so good.


Erica said...

Two nights ago I dreamed that you told me you were pregnant and due in December!! Don't know where that came from!

Atwood-Family of FIVE said...

Erica, unless God implants a 3 month old fetus in me I think Dec is out of the question! LOL!