Friday, April 09, 2010

Anne's Art

I have to say, I am very impressed with Anne's artwork lately. She was a slow learner for art. She picked up a crayon at 18 months and scribbled a sheet of paper like no one's business...
...and I thought it would take off from there. It didn't. She didn't show much of an interest in coloring for a year and a half at least. I encouraged her, but the most she could muster up was half hearted attempts to scribble for about 30 second intervals. Then the middle of this year (3 1/2) hit and she has turned into this fantastic artist. Granted I do not have other kids to compare her to, but I am so impressed with what she can do. In addition to what you see below, she has drawn pictures of mice-complete with whiskers and rounded ears (which she knew to do on her own without copying a picture we made), different colored hair on different people and arms and legs and fingers. It's amazing.

A painting of a radish Anne did in August-she was 3 and 4 months old. We were at a "veggie fest" and she looked at a radish on the table and was able to paint it. I thought she did amazing!

A painting she did all on her own (without direction or suggestion from me) of a brown mountain, a red balloon and a tree.

A picture of Daddy (although she did get his hair color all wrong :))

A chalk outline of me. I was surprised how far she came from last summer-last year I did chalk outlines of her, which she loved and had her try and do me. The best she could do-literally-was making a few lines by my side. This year she completely outlined me. **Note, my thighs are NOT that big!

An Easter bunny she did in preschool.

A picture of a ladybug she drew in the tub. I did draw one first and she copied me, but still did a remarkable job.

I really think she's quite talented, so maybe this fall we'll have to enroll her in an art class!


Farrah said...

She is good! :) These are great little masterpieces. I love how you showed the progression. Keep it up, Anne and Mama!

Shellie said...

Anne is quite the budding artist! I'm very impressed :)

Nickt said...

She is getting pretty good! I had a hard time introducing Puffefish to art too, but one tip is to give them lots of novel materials... like finger paints, use feathers or Q-tips or sponges instead of brushes, make shiny paint or puffy paint, etc. And don't worry if it doesn't look like anything... just let her have fun with it!