Monday, March 08, 2010


Our family went to California last month for a 9 day vacation. It was great! It was warm and sunny and beautiful! The warmth and sun were much needed during these last few weeks (months) of Winter before Spring is finally able to break through. During our trip, we went to several different places, stayed with our very good family friend's and then John's parents as well as a handful (literally!) of hotels here and there.

The first night, we stayed at a hotel, just the 4 of us. It was really lovely. Anne and I took a trip down to the pool-it was night time and yet we were perfectly comfortable swimming in the hot tub and pool. She was so cute-she chatted with me just like a little girl-we took turns going from hot tub to pool, jumping in and out, floating, and just having such a lovely time-mommy and daughter.
The next day we headed to Sea World, and met up with our good friend's Rick and Sarah and their two kids Drew and Allie. As chance happens, Drew, Anne and Allie have exactly one year between the each of them, so even though we hadn't seen them in over a year (because they live in CA), the kids immediately got on great. Sea World itself was so not worth it and we won't be venturing back there again. Tickets for Sea World were about $60 for a kid and $70 per adult-so once we threw in parking, just to walk in the doors of Sea World we dropped $200. Sea World was basically a glorified zoo with a few sort of cool shows thrown in. However, we still had a good time, but next trip to San Diego we know to go to the Zoo instead!

Shark exhibit
Sea lion and otter show

Shamu show-just a few weeks before the death of the trainer in FL happened.

Sea World had a section for little kids (like 6 and under) that was Sesame Street themed. We didn't spend too much time in there but it was neat that it was there.

Anne and Daddy at the end of the day.

After Sea World we spent the next few days at Rick and Sarah's and had just the most fabulous time. I would venture to say that our time with them was one of the top times of the whole trip. The kids played perfectly the entire time. Jamie was distracted by them and even though Allie (their youngest) is 3 they still had baby toys and a high chair and pack and play so we felt well taken care of. We stayed up at night drinking wine and chatting and just had such a lovely time.

Rick and Sarah's kids-Drew on the far left and Allie between Jamie and Anne.

We met up with John's father and his niece Jasmine on Monday and went to...drum roll please...Disney Land! I have to say I was a bit weary of going...Jamie (I assumed) would have to be pushed in a stroller all day long, pacified and someone sitting off rides with him the entire time. It was nothing like that! Jamie went on every single ride we went! That's right, at Disney Land, the happiest place on earth, babies can ride the rides too! Not only that, after being up all day, dragged from ride to ride and not in his element, when Buddy Boy needed some comfort, I was able to nurse him on the rides! It was great! If getting to Disney Land didn't require a 5 hour plane ride I think we would go at least once a year!

Waiting in line for one of the rides.

Okay so this picture doesn't depict anything of Disney Land but aren't we just so stinkin' cute?

Anne and Jasmine

Jamie on one of the rides.

Where Jamie spent a majority of the trip.

After Disney Land we drove back 4 hours to John's parents' house where we spent the next 4 days just hanging out. We got to spend time with his sister, niece and nephew as well as his parents. Jamie had his first bite of cake there as his birthday was only a week away and grandma and grandpa wanted to celebrate with him.

All in all it was a good vacation-there were lots of really nice surprises and we all had a great time!

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Love the pictures. If you have anymore of Jasmine with the kids can you send them to me please?