Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Adventure

I continue to work on my goals for the year-so today I took the kids at 12:30 and drove nearly 45 minutes to a new children's museum. It turned out great! Even though this museum is about 20 minutes farther than the one in Naperville we normally go to (it should have been a quicker drive but traffic was a little tight at times), it was totally worth it! The kids and I had a blast. It was very open, airy, and sunny. There was not a ton of kids there (possibly because I went after lunch?) so I felt comfortable enough letting Jamie crawl around as he wanted while Anne and I played together. We had a great time and will absolutely be coming back!

Puppet Show!

Anne painting my hand (I painted her face and hand too)

This was a full sized pin-thing-where you can put your hand impression in it. It was big enough for Anne to put herself in it! You can totally tell its her too!

Playing with some wooden and very simple dolls and furniture in the giant doll house.

The tot area-which was completely enclosed except for a doorway (which was the size of an actual doorway-not wider) so it was really easy to keep Buddy Boy contained. And the climbing equipment was low enough and with enough mats that even if he fell off, he would not get hurt.

Anne's face and hand painted-a frog on her face and a dinosaur on her hand-there was even instructions on how to do it!

Jamie actually played with the grocery store section-he loved putting thing in and taking them out. Of course!

More grocery store

Next door was an ice cream shop and inside they sold Cookie Monster (which is what Anne picked) and Elmo cookies. Not exact likeness but enough for Anne to be thrilled and pick it over an ice cream cone!

There was also a craft area where was made spring flowers. I really liked this craft area because unlike the zoo and the Naperville Children's Museum there was clear structure in what the craft was supposed to look like. I am not a person that can take a wine cork, some pipe cleaners and construction paper and make a bug without showing me exactly how to make it. While at this children's museum there was room for creativity there were also clear examples of the finished projects. There were lots of other exhibits we didn't get to do-legos, magnets, dinosaurs and "digging" for them, etc. But hopefully next time we'll get to do more!


Nicki said...

What museum was that? I've been to the DuPage Children's Museum and the Kohl Children's Museum, but not the one you are talking about here! Is it the one in Oak Lawn?

Atwood-Family of FIVE said...

It's in Frankfort, IL and called Kidsworks (maybe w/o the S?) Children's Museum. So it's pretty far south on 355.

Nicole said...

Looks like a really neat place!

Nicki said...

Thanks for the info! We will definitely have to try that out! I guess I've heard of it, but I imagined it was a lot further away!