Saturday, January 16, 2010

Anne'cdotes of the Money Making Variety

Yesterday and today Anne said two very cute things.

Yesterday in the car-she pipes up from the backseat and says:
"Mommy can we get another cat or dog?"
Me: "No, we already have a cat and a dog."
Anne: "Well, we could sell Winnie."

Today at lunch, me joking with Jamie that now that he eats so much our cottage cheese, yogurt, and graham crackers are disappearing quicker than ever before. I ask him what he's going to do about it. I ask again, what is he going to do to contribute some money to the family. No answer, so I turn to Anne and ask her. No answer so I say to Anne:
"How about we just sell Jamie?"
Anne, which huge excitement: "Yes! We can sell him at the market!"

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