Friday, November 06, 2009

Happy Halloween my little ones!

Happy Halloween Anne! Anne was a bunny this Halloween-she was very excited leading up to the day, we counted down days and talked all the time about how long until it was. So we finally got her dressed up, painted her face and off we went trick or treating. I kid you not, about 10 minutes into it, she was ready to go home. I explained that if we went home, Halloween would be over. She said she was fine with that. I was not. I, like my dad before me, forced my little bunny on. We hit a dozen more houses before I took pity on her, dragging feet, complaining of the cold, and headed for home. Once we got home, Anne's favorite part, like last year, was handing out candy. She loved picking the candy and putting it in the kids' buckets. Because we went as soon as trick or treating started, we missed a lot of kids and I wound up having about 2 bags of candy leftover. At least I bought candy I like instead of Smarties or Dum-Dums because we'll be eating it for a month! While we were handing out candy, Anne had her first official hot chocolate-which she LOVED! She's had sips of it before but has never tried enough to like it. When we've offered it in years past, she's always said it was too hot (read: luke warm) and she hasn't gotten a big enough drink to actually taste it. This year, she drank it up! She loved it and ever since whenever we are playing outside and it's remotely cold, she will ask for hot chocolate when we come in. I guess that will be a staple drink this winter, huh?

All in all, Anne had a great Halloween! I am loving her age and how she can really take part in things 100% now. Since she turned 1 she has been able to partially take part in things more and more fully each year, but I think we are finally at the age when she gets the holidays, traditions, and activities and can enjoy them fully. It's a joy to watch and a blessing to participate in. Happy Halloween my little hopping bunny!

Happy Halloween Jamie!

Jamie was a turtle this Halloween. Of course, being only 8 months old, he was just an observer this year. He hung out mostly in daddy's arms while Anne and I did the hard work of door-to-door candy collecting. But, he was the cutest little turtle on the block. We did have a few closer neighbors give him some candy (which goes directly to me) but for the most part, he just enjoyed the walk. Happy Halloween my little turtle!

Anne, Daddy and Jamie trick-or-treating

Anne's candy stash

Daddy and his turtle
Our little tortoise and the hare

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