Saturday, November 07, 2009

Enjoying the scenery

When we moved to Plainfield almost 4 years ago the thing we can notice the most is the lack of trees. Our subdivision is one of the older ones and it is only 10 years old. So the trees, while perhaps 10-12 feet tall, are not full. When I run, especially in the summer, it is difficult to find shade to run in. It can be brutal. We are lucky, however, to have a forest preserve practically down the street from us. It's about a 5 minute drive from our house. After preschool most weeks I try and do something fun with the kids. I usually (used to at least) get the kids up from their naps at 4 pm. Since I pick up Anne at 3 pm from school, I have an extra hour those days to kill. So far we've spent time running errands, doing playdates, rediscovering the fun of playing in the library, finding new parks, and this past Friday, we went for a walk in the forest preserve. We were there an hour with Anne walking nearly the entire time. It was a really lovely time-Jamie didn't make a peep the entire time and Anne was in exceptionally good spirits (after complaining the whole ride over that she didn't want to go-she is after all my daughter and a homebody by nature). We really had a wonderful time-I'm so glad that I have been able to take the time to do these things with my kids the past few months.

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